Your Partner in Building Confidence and Finding Clarity

Hey there! I'm Janee Young, a quirky and compassionate therapist, and I'm all about helping you rock your confidence and find that inner clarity you've been seeking. My journey started by supporting at-risk girls as a camp coordinator – seeing their need for someone who listens, uplifts, and helps them move beyond trauma led me to pursue a Master's degree in Counseling. After which I ventured into various child and family mental health agencies, each with rigid and conventional therapy frameworks. Recognizing the yearning for a more personalized approach, I eventually found my calling in the private practice sector.

With me, therapy is a journey to inner peace and a resilient self. I'm all about positive vibes, and I truly believe that building a strong, respectful relationship with you is the key. Together, we'll knock down mental barriers, embrace mindfulness, and find the happiness and peace you deserve.

My Comprehensive Therapy Expertise

Experience, Qualifications, and a Client-Centered Approach

My toolkit includes a diverse range of therapy methods, and I particularly value the integration of mindfulness to enhance coping strategies. I'm certified in evidence-based practices like Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, and Managing and Adapting Practices. I've got over 10 years of experience and a Bachelor's in Sociology (Social Welfare emphasis) and a Master's in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis).

My expansive knowledge encompasses Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, family discord, and Suicidal Ideation, with a specialized focus on children, adolescents, young adults, and families.

With a client-centered, strength-based approach, I assist individuals in dismantling mental barriers that hinder their pursuit of happiness and peace.

Ready to join forces and make a positive change? Let's chat – your journey to a better you starts now.

In My Spare Time...

You can spot me at the dog park with my furry pals, in the pilates studio working on my mind body connection, or cooking culinary masterpieces with my family.